Doctor Who Tardis light switch plate! Whovians gift of choice! Fits a standard lights switches. Made to order!

Doctor Who Tardis light switch plate

Regular price $9.99 know a Whovian who has everything. They have the scarf. They have the screwdriver. They even have their own jewelry. But only a few will have this product! The Doctor Who Tardis switch plates are ready to decorate your own private Tardis, whether that is your collector room, bed room, or entertainment center.

These switch plates are made to order. Please be sure to review shipping times to set your expectations.

This design is from Art Lab KY on Thingiverse ( 3D Printing Egg did not create this design. It is being licensed through the Creative Commons license. Art Lab KY is not affiliated with 3D Printing Egg and does not endorse this product.

No changes were made from the original design.

Materials: Plastic, 3d, 3d printer, PLA.