Hatching 2D ideas into a 3D world. That is what we do at 3D Printing Egg

3D Printing Egg is a 3D printing hub located in Hendersonville, TN, just outside of Nashville. Owner Jason Kittrell opened this shop in 2014 as an extension of his haunted attraction consulting business.The idea for the shop stemmed from Jason’s on-going work in the haunted house community. Jason worked as a designer and sculptor for some of the top rated haunted attractions in the Nashville area. However, after developing carpal tunnel syndrome, it became increasingly difficult for him to sculpt in clay. Turning to the digital world for advice, he came upon digital modelling and design tools. These tools allowed him to sculpt in digital clay, but still there was very little opportunity to bring those objects trapped in the digital world to life.After hearing about 3D printers, Jason made a purchase and began sending digital files found online to the printer. After taking some wares to local swap meets and comic conventions, the idea of bringing the products to a much greater audience was born. Etsy just made the most sense for this leap forward and has been the staple of the business. 3D Printing Egg now runs on 3 printers that run day and night in our home office. We are a business partner with several 3d printing companies, including Makergear, Creality, Dremel, and Hatchbox. We also carry a supply of Hatchbox 3D filament, some of the best rated filament available. 3D Printing Egg now offers custom design and printing services in addition to it’s store. Do you have a 3d printing project in mind? Need a cost effective rapid prototyping service? We can help. We service Nashville and surrounding areas, as well as anywhere in the world. Put our printers to work for you. Use our contact page now or shoot us an email at sales@3dprintingegg.com